Thought I’d Blog just to Blog.

Isn’t it weird? Blogging letting everyone read your thoughts. I’m some what new to blogging and thought I blog to fill my page with hopefully other readers comments and sites.

Have no reason to blog, just filling time before leaving for the evening. I’m sure this would be better placed on Twitter. However, I can’t remember my Twitter account, nor am I in the Twitter mood.

Any muh how, thought it would be interesting to see if anyone commented on nothing. Like having a T.V. show about Nothing. I’m sure you all know whom I’m referring too. Only one of the greatest T.V. Comedies of all time. Only second to maybe Frasier or Office. Not to mention some of the great shows about Junk being auctioned or pawned, then picked by to travelers.

Well enough for now. LikeĀ  I said just filling out the page with more of nothing. If I’m lucky I’ll get to go home and see a marathon of shows about junk being sold. With my favorite Barry, and Chumley of course.

Have a nice day, and be kind to others.